John Hall Coach of the Year Award

Image of Coach Erik Vreeken and Coach Shelley MulrooneyLESAA is pleased to award the John Hall Award for Coaching Excellence for 2018 to Erik Vreeken from Lancaster Drive Public School.  

Erik embodies everything that excellence represents in athletics. He has experience coaching every sport that LESAA offers. Colleague Mark McCrady, who presented the award, asked some of his former players, to share some of their favourite things they remembered about Mr. V.  Here is some of what they had to say:

"Mr. V always made it fun.. he would say play hard, play smart, play together and have fun."

"He made us think about more than just playing… he wanted us to be a good person and play the right way."

"I can always hear him in my head when I'm running saying Hunt the Rabbit!"

"If we're down in a game, he tells us to work as a team and opportunities will come."

Erik has coached for 20+ years both within LESAA and the Kingston Community. Through his hard work and passion, he has positively influenced thousands of students in the Kingston area. His athletes are skilled, well trained and exhibit strong sportsmanship. Congratulations and thank you Erik!